I started working on this painting last year right before Christmas, but put it on hold in order to work on a gift instead. After neglecting it for the next few months, it was nice to finally finish it. I’m getting better at documenting the progress of projects in order to share the steps. Here are the steps for creating the watercolor painting “Silent”

I started out scanning in a sketch:

Silent Sketch


I can make any adjustments to the sketch digitally if needed, then I enlarge the sketch to fit on the watercolor paper I have.

Also, with the sketch I roughly test color combinations and background ideas in Photoshop to use as a guide while painting:

silent color test

I did the first wash in November 2013, and immediately decided I should focus my attention on painting a Christmas gift for my boyfriend instead.

silent 1

I finally got back around to working on it at the end of March 2014:

silent 2

(bunny slippers, still necessary)

silent 3

Getting some bolder colors in:

silent 5

I decided to take the background in a different direction than I originally sketched out in Photoshop:

silent 6

I thought I was finished with the last photo, but I might expand the background some more.

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